Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Randy Johnson's 300th Win Part VI: The Aftermath

Wow. I was originally planning on getting this section done by January, but I got lazy, and so now rather than doing this piece 6 months since the big event, I'll be writing about it on the first anniversary. Of course, that's probably more apt, because not only is the one year anniversary more powerful than 6 months, it also allows us to have a vaster outlook at what has happened since the game in my life, in Randy Johnson's career and in the world of 300 game winners. If I was a good writer, I'd be able to put the event in a historical perspective as a satisfactory coda, but since I'm not, it's going to be a jumbled mess where I talk about what happened after the game, what happened over the rest of Randy Johnson's career, my fanatic memorabilia collecting, and the future of the 300-win milestone.

Or the Complete Story of How I Got to See One of the Greatest Milestones in the History of the Game

Part I: The Introduction
Part II: The Player
Part III: The Set-Up
Part IV: The Rainout
Part V: The Game
Part VI: The Aftermath

Or What Happened in the Year After Randy Johnson's 300th Win