Monday, November 30, 2009

Randy Johnson's 300th Win Part I: The Introduction

Yeah...I probably should have written this shortly after the game, when I didn't have a lot of responsibilities, instead of having to cram it all into one short week in the middle of cardio just to make it in time for the 6-month anniversary of the most seminal event in my career as a baseball fan, but that's procrastination for you.

And rather than write a 20,000-word article to be posted all at once, I'll do it like how the newspapers do it, writing out six articles in six days, culminating with the 300th win game on December 4, the 6-month anniversary of the milestone.

Or the Complete Story of How I Got to See One of the Greatest Milestones in the History of the Game

Part I: The Introduction (November 30)
Part II: The Player (December 1)
Part III: The Set-Up (December 2)
Part IV: The Rainout (December 3)
Part V: The Game (December 4)
Part VI: The Aftermath (December 5)

or A Defense and a History of the 300-win Milestone